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The musical challenge that Mozart never won

The musical challenge between Muzio Clementi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, allowed both of them prove the Emperor of Austria and the Duke Paul of Russia who was the best musician. The monarchs’ decision never pleased the performers.

Carmina Burana: 80 years later, the fascination continues (+video)

80 years ago, Carmina Burana was heard for the first time. Written with fragments in German and Provencal languages, it rescues a goliardic myth from the 12th century.

The unknown —and brilliant— Mozart’s father

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s fame and talent made him one of the greatest geniuses in the history of music. He was so bright that his long shadow ended up eclipsing his father, despite being very talented.

The Secret Life of the Baton and how Musicians used it throughout History

The beginnings of the baton date back to the 15th century, when polyphonic music started to quickly develop and maybe to prevent the sonorous anarchy, they found a way to establish some order through the use of an object, attachment or mechanism to prevent the indulgence in rhythm and tempo.

Aulos versus Zither

Thanks to the numerous literary texts that have been preserved, it is known that if there is an ancient civilization that can presume of a wide and varied musical culture, it is the Greek one.

National Awards from Cuba acknowledge outstanding men… and women?

Only one out of three National Awards given to art professionals in Cuba corresponds to women, according to the Cuban website Postdata.Club in its most recent article entitled Premios Nacionales: Mujeres a la Sombra (National Awards: Women in the Shade). It calls the attention on the gender issue in the acknowledgments given due to the work of a lifetime to the most relevant people in their professions.

L'Orfeo, Favola in Musica

On February 24th, 1607, the opera was finally shaped in front of the audience, thanks to Claudio Monteverdi’s imprint, in Italy.

Operas, famous people and gastronomic dedications

A fascinating anecdotic relationship, between opera and gastronomy, describes particular anecdotes and references involving some famous people and special culinary combinations.