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Afanciful Flashback? First showingsin Pinar del Río´s movie theaters.

Cinema Paradiso, the film by Giuseppe Tornatore that won an Oscar for him in 1989, recreate show the regional existence can be improved through a colective space that is able to purge emotions: the movies.

Cuban film "Últimos días en La Habana" (Last Days in Havana) included among the nominated films to Platinum Awards 2018

The film "Últimos días en La Habana" (Last Days in Havana), by the Cuban director Fernando Pérez, was selected in order to be nominated to the Platinum Awards for Latin American Films, to be granted on February 20th, at the Theater Gran Tlachco, in Xcaret Park, in the Mayan Rivera, Mexico.

The founder

The guitar has in Cuba a long and productive history, and even though it is still discussed whether or not this stringed instrument has a native school in the island, the truth is that there has been and still is a persistent need of progress as for technique, together with the creation of a wide repertoire of concerts and native didactic materials.

A singular artist

In the Olympic Winter Gamesin 2014,in the category of skiing, the first woman in history representing Thailand took part: Vanessa Mae, who, having a relevant position because of being the first woman from this country in participating in the event, was also 35 years old, something uncommon in a profession in which being young is really determining.

An Armed Man goes through the centuries searching for peace

Wars are events as old as the human being itself, even though, from the judicial point of view, many international codes have tried to encode wars through rules and laws since the 19th century.

Mozart at the top of the Womanizing

On October 29th, 1787, at the National Theater of Prague, the opening night of the opera Don Giovanni (ossia il Dissoluto Punito) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, took place, considered one of the best examples of the lyric-theatrical genre of all times.

The First Woman who wrote an Opera

Who was the first woman who wrote an opera? She was really brave.

Where does the Wedding March come from?

The wedding march comes from... Shakespeare?