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Pierrot le fou in the 21st French Film Festival in Cuba

Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Dirk Sanders, Jean-Pierre Léaud, among others, the programme of the Cinematheque of Cuba proposes the movie Pierrot le fou, written and directed by the famous French director Jean-Luc Godard, during the days of the 21st French Film Festival.

Offering music and a lot more

Listening to classical music, even though it is considered to be an artistic liking a little restricted in terms of followers, has an audience that can be classified as one of the most faithful and persevering in the whole world, professionals or simply freshmen.

Centennial of the birth of Argeliers León

When I started my studies of Musicology at the Highest Institute of Arts, the name of a Cuban researcher was always a constant. Many of my teachers had been his students, and those who had studied abroad, also had him as a referentin terms of concepts, methodologies, research styles, and a lot more.

La Serva Padrona: An insight

The young actress and acting professor Inima de Fuentes was in charge of the recent performance in Havana of LA SERVA PADRONA, the opera by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, in which she confirmed her abilities to direct staging, conduct actors or as sessing in the difficult world of the lyric arts.

Is the other Mr. Klein interesting?

During World War II, the Marshal Philippe Pétain and his coworkers developed an "exclusion nationalism" with the purpose of eliminating the so called intern enemies, such as communists, Jews, gypsies or members of the Masonry.

A theme with an excellent variation

Only a few days ago, we commented on the graduation recital of the baritone Reynaldo Cobas, analyzing it from the musical perspective as a theme with a good variation.

A theme with a good variation

For decades, the University of Arts (ISA) has tried hard to train new values with a high artistic and musical quality, being a strong guardian of quality, succeeding in cultivating talents who, since their early years, show signs of promise for a rising career.

A Gothic and Eccentric Symphony

The word symphony is literally translated as sounding together, and it comes from the Greek language. Its use has been applied, with variations, since the Middle Ages, when they used this wordto name any combination of two or more simultaneous notes.