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Operas, famous people and gastronomic dedications

A fascinating anecdotic relationship, between opera and gastronomy, describes particular anecdotes and references involving some famous people and special culinary combinations.

The Pleasures of Baroque Dance

More than a pertinent title, Los placeres de la danza barroca (The Pleasures of Baroque Dance) was a delicious invitation for the eyes and ears of those who followed the 12th Festival of Ancient Music Esteban Salas.

In favor or against Tomatis?

Although around 40 studies have been carried out about the Mozart Effect, involving thousands of volunteers, most of them seem to conclude that this effect belongs to the popular imaginary and not to the branches of science and psychology.

The almost forgotten Johannes Ockeghem

The name of this European composer does not ring any bell to people who are not professional musicians, and even to those who once studied his musical imprint, it is very likely that they have already deleted him from their memories.

Schubertiad in Havana

A busy Havanian gathering took place at the Minor Basilica of the Convent of Saint Francis of Assisi as a homage to Franz Schubert on his 220th birthday.

Ray Lema in Cuba

Among the experts that are part of the International Scientific Committee for the General History of Africa, there is an important pianist, musicologist and musical producer from The Congo: Ray Lema.

From Anonymity to Popularity

The Venetian Domenico Alberti, who was a minor composer and one of the so many harpsichordists in his time, developed a simple way to accompany, which marked a particular and endurable style.

Schubert´s Last Journey

Franz Schubert had just celebrated his 30th birthday, when in February, 1827, he musicalized a booklet of poems by Wilhelm Müller, in the middle of a profound existential crisis.