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A Cinderella with no Prima Donna

With that opera, Gioachino Rossini was pretty sure that the title was going to be a full success, supported by the recognition that, despite his youth, he had already gained as a composer.

Peri Versus Caccini

Right at the beginnings of the history of opera, Jacopo Peri and Giulio Caccini starred one of the first discrepancies related with the genre, when they conceived a piece with the same title in the early 17th century.

The equation in Ritual Piano

Recently published, the CD Piano Ritual (Ritual Piano) is the result of the work of a restless artist-creator: the Costa Rican Marvin Camacho and his interpreter by excellence: Leonardo Gell.

Leonardo Gell’s Magic Flight

The famous musician returned to his beloved concert hall at the Basílica Menor (Minor Basilica), in the Havanian Historic Center, in order to launch the CD Piano Ritual (Ritual Piano) and a kind of sonorous courtship took place, in which he turned Kronos into Kairos.

Carlos Averhoff and Cuban Jazz

Carlos Averhoff’s work as an artist and pedagogue links him to important cultural events in his homeland, exceeding all kinds of borders.

About Music and Astronomy

Music and Astronomy are two of the disciplines that, for ages, have attracted the interests of studious people all over the world.

A CD of excellences

The phonogram Todo Cervantes-Todo Saumell (All Cervantes-All Saumell) has rebounded as the first edition of the integral of dances and contradanzas by both Cuban composers, achieved by the extreme performance rigor by Frank Fernández.

The Medicis and Music

When people talk about patrons, it is axiomatic to relate this word with this wealthy and powerful family. It all began with Cosimo de’ Medici, the Elder, a sort of Florentine Robin Hood who, from his position as a ruler, developed peculiar traps to ruin rich people.