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Some benefits and drawbacks of music

It is known that music produces a series of benefits in those who practice it professionally or as amateurs, or simply in those who listen to it. But not everything is good.

Dedicado a las señoritas de La Habana

The CD by the Spanish soprano Roser Ferrer-Morató and Maestro Cecilio Tieles becomes a mosaic of the musical thinking during the Romantic Period in Cuba, and also a chronicle of past times.

New season for choral singing from the University of Arts

After several years of absence, the School of Choral Singing was reintroduced at the University of Arts, demanding artistic specialty with technical and musical rigor that will absolutely bring a beneficial increase among the new generations of singers.

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven in the popular culture

Several stamps and other numismatic documents from all over the world have been issued in honor of universal composers, whose images also appearin the most diverse merchandising products.

A special Canio by Corelli

Among all the recordings of the famous tenor, there is a special one due to its character: it comes from the piece Pagliacci, made exactly 14 months after Corelli´s debut in the role of Canio.

Worth of Rosas para Lecuona

Because of the 55th anniversary of Ernesto Lecuona´s death, a new phonogram was recorded, with songs and several pieces for piano by the Spanish soprano Ana María Ruimonte and Maestro Huberal Herrera.

Having, reading, collecting La Gaceta de Cuba

What motivates a magazine? The confidence of a cultural commitment that wants to be shared. Every magazine is a child of its epoch because of its testimony, determined by the authors that make it. Images and texts, names and fundamentals create the inside and the outside of an endless publication.

Robert Aldrich, producer from the postwar period

The Cinematheque of Cuba has prepared a tribute cycle about the American director, scriptwriter and producer Robert Aldrich (1918-1983). His centennial is a good occasion to view or review the cinematography of someone who, in his early years as a producer, was looked down by some of the producers he worked with.