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The First Woman who wrote an Opera

Who was the first woman who wrote an opera? She was really brave.

Where does the Wedding March come from?

The wedding march comes from... Shakespeare?

DANSE MACABRE, inescapable and unavoidable

The figure of death incarnate in a dancer or a violinist inviting to dance, has a long history; and the thing is that the concept of death in society has always moved beyond the pure biological or academic interest, involving culture in its deepest and most extended meaning.

The orchestra conductor who leads the musicians without a baton or a musical score

The Russian orchestra conductor Konstantin Chudovsky has something very peculiar and it is the fact that he conducts using only his hands, without a podium or a musical score. He memorizes every piece, because he thinks every performance feels more authentic in this way.

The man from the Renaissance: Guillaume Dufay

Although some authors do not coincide, others assure that in August, 1397, in an area that now belongs to Belgium, one of the most prestigious composers of the polyphonic music from the Renaissance and later styles was born: Guillaume Dufay.

The strange petitions of the composer to the performers of his piece

Since the first forte and piano, the authors’ requests about how to play their works have varied. We can find some crazy ones like the one that states the performance should be like a «nightingale with a toothache» or «play it with both hands in the pockets».

Forgotten today, successful in its time: I masnadieri (The Bandits), by Verdi

I masnadieri (The Bandits) was an opera performed for the first time on July 22nd, 1847. 170 years after its debut, we remember it like the successful piece Verdi presented to the British audience.

Napoleon turned them into cannon bullets and Henry VIII into money: the history of bells.

It was a bell what gave the signal to start the sadly famous Saint Bartholomew Killing in August, 1572. Also, the elimination of bells in monasteries gave Henry VIII a good fortune.