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A theme with a good variation

For decades, the University of Arts (ISA) has tried hard to train new values with a high artistic and musical quality, being a strong guardian of quality, succeeding in cultivating talents who, since their early years, show signs of promise for a rising career.

A Gothic and Eccentric Symphony

The word symphony is literally translated as sounding together, and it comes from the Greek language. Its use has been applied, with variations, since the Middle Ages, when they used this wordto name any combination of two or more simultaneous notes.

The Renaissance Camerata from Caracas is celebrating its birthday

By the midst of the 20th century, some European musicians started to play ancient musical scores and, what started then as a simple preference for a certain repertoire, became, through research and musical practice, rigorous and committed tones until it finally became a movement that rescues and promotes a vast, glorious and invigorating past.

Jose White

The violinist and composer from Matanzas, José Silvestre White Laffite (1836-1918), is one of the most relevant personalities in the Cuban and Latin American 19th century, and his life, besides praises from the strongest critics and the profound acknowledgements from other musicians and diverse audiences, also shows other details that made more interesting the 82 years he lived.

The she-minstrels also existed

Between the centuries 11th and 13th,the profane medieval music found its most original expression in the art of the troubadours and under the guidance of minstrels, bards, jongleurs orjugglers, a movement is registered in which music and poetry filled both the aristocratic halls and the popular city suburbs.

Ocarina in time

All of those who, in their free time (and sometimes not so free), get distracted by playing videogames will probably know that The Ocarina of Time is a valuable object which supports and increases the powers of the playerin games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, or Dragon Ball Z: Bodokai Tenkaichi 3, among others.

Music and Journeys

One of the pleasures in life is travelling. Visiting new placesand enjoying them, leaving behind our daily routine. The human being has always been a traveler, because they had the need to do so, for pleasure or for work.

From the closet to the stage

On February 28th, 1688, 330 years ago, an opera had its debut in France, classified by its author as a "tragédie biblique", according to the origin of its story, which resembling the one on stage, is told in the Bible.